Balkan Oxandrolone (Oxandrolone)


  • Packing type
  • Release form 10 mg * 100 tablets
  • Active ingredient oxandrolone
  • Country Moldova
  • Activity 8-12 hours
  • Classification Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids
  • Dosages Men 30-50mg/day……Women 10-20mg/day
  • Acne Only at high dosages
  • Water retention
  • High blood pressure Rare
  • Flavoring No
  • Hepatotoxicity Yes, 17-alpha-alkylated
  • DHT conversion Low
  • Suppression of HPTA function Yes, depends on dosages and cycle length


Balkan Oxandrolone dry relief and strength

Balkan's popularity in the sports pharmacology market makes it a strong competitor for analog companies. The products of this Moldovan company are well known to most athletes. And her Oxandrolone is included in the tops of many professional athletes.

The main task of the drug, which he easily copes with, is effective drying. Therefore, quite often experienced bodybuilders use it before competitions. Beginner athletes, in turn, tend to buy Balkan Oxandrolone because of its ability to increase strength and endurance.

Due to the strong anabolic effect and minimal androgenic, girls can also use the anabolic. They especially appreciate its effective fat burning qualities. However, the key point in buying AAS is its cost. Despite the fact that the price of Balkan Oxandrolone is considered high, it is justified by its action. Therefore, the drug remains in the leading positions among analogues.

Anavar is available in 10mg tablets, so it is more comfortable to take than injectable steroids.Due to the softness of the anabolic drug, its harm to the liver is reduced. But this does not mean that it is not necessary to undergo PCT after completing the course. Also, oxandrolone is loved by many athletes for its low tendency to aromatize.

Action of Balkan Oxandrolone

In the world of bodybuilding, two main properties of AAS are valued – mass gain and drying. It is with the latter that Oxandrolone does an excellent job. Throughout its history, he has acquired an incredible number of supporters. Many athletes noted its positive effect on bone tissue, but in addition, the anabolic has other effects:

  • fat reduction,
  • improvement of relief and elasticity of muscles,
  • increase in strength indicators,
  • acceleration of protein synthesis and secretion of growth hormone,
  • removal of excess water from tissues,
  • stimulation of regeneration processes.

Despite the high cost, the result fully justifies it. At least for this reason, you should buy Balkan Oxandrolone in our online store. We provide only original products and guarantee their quality.


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