Balkan Provimed 50mg (Proviron)

  • Packing type
  • Release form 50 mg * 100 tablets
  • The active ingredient mesterolone
  • Country Moldova


Balkan Provimed (Proviron) antiestrogen for the course

Many steroids have such an unpleasant property as aromatization. The conversion of the male hormone to the female leads to the manifestation of gynecomastia, acne and other negative effects. Therefore, to avoid this, athletes use antiestrogens. In particular, Balkan Provimed gained particular popularity.

The basis of this drug was the substance Proviron. Thanks to him, the action of estrogens is suppressed. However, they want to buy Balkan Provimed more because of something else. The fact is that it also helps to improve muscle relief. In addition, it has a moderate androgenic effect, which makes it accessible even for beginners.

The drug is produced in tablet form pills of 50 mg. Since the price of Balkan Provimed is affordable for everyone, the packaging lasts for a long time. The optimal dosage is 50mg for men and 25mg for women. This dose should be divided into two doses per day. Despite the oral form, when used correctly, this drug is practically harmless to the body.

Properties of Balkan Provimed (Mesterolone)

According to some athletes, this drug is not as good at fighting aromatization as others. However, for its cost, Balkan Provimed has gained many supporters. Moreover, it has a number of positive properties that significantly distinguish Provimed:

  • muscles become stiffer
  • relief appears,
  • increased libido and potency,
  • accelerates metabolism,
  • stimulates the production of red blood cells.

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