Balkan Testosterone U (Testosterone Undecanoate)


  • Packing type Ampoules


Balkan Testosterone U working injections for dry muscles

The well-known company from Moldova, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, has been pleasing athletes with high-quality pharmacology for several years. They willingly stock up on its products for steroid courses of various kinds. AAS has recently gained particular popularity for the growth of high-quality muscles. Therefore, bodybuilders are more actively seeking to buy Balkan Testosterone U.

The drug is based on the ester of the male hormone undecanoate. Due to its long half-life and long activity, it is enough to administer it only once a week. Although it is in demand among athletes, it is not recommended for girls due to the risk of androgenic side effects. Men can safely order it, especially since the price of Balkan Testosterone U is quite low.

Androgen is produced in injectable form in 4ml ampoules at 250mg/ml. Due to intramuscular injection, it does not have a toxic effect on the liver. Most side effects are due to misuse or individual reactions. However, after completing the course, you need to undergo a PCT.

Features Balkan Testosterone U

The steroid has become especially popular among professional bodybuilders. With it, they can train more actively and achieve the desired result faster. In addition, they noted its beneficial effect on the level of endogenous testosterone. Not the last advantage was the affordable cost of Balkan Testosterone U. Otherwise, it performs many tasks:

  • accelerates the growth of dry muscles,
  • increases strength and endurance,
  • strengthens joints and bones,
  • raises libido and mood,
  • improves blood circulation,
  • increases motivation.

You can always buy Balkan Testosterone U in our online sports pharmacology store. We provide our customers with only high-quality steroids from the manufacturer. If you do not know what kind of AAS you need, then our managers are ready to help you. They will advise you and select the appropriate option based on your wishes.


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