Desma Winstrol Depot

  • Packing type Ampoules
  • Active ingredient stanozolol
  • Country Spain
  • Activity about 48 hours
  • Classification Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids
  • Dosages Men 50-100 mg/day
  • Acne Rarely
  • Water retention
  • High blood pressure Rare
  • Aromatization No, it is a derivative of DHT
  • Hepatotoxicity No
  • DHT conversion No
  • Suppression of HPTA function Weak


Desma Winstrol Depot muscle relief and elasticity

Winstrol Depot has become widespread throughout the world. It is in demand among representatives of different sports: weightlifters, powerlifters, wrestlers. But the main scope of its application is bodybuilding, namely the pre-competitive period.

The main active ingredient of the drug produced by the Spanish pharmaceutical company Desma is stanozolol. It has powerful anabolic and low androgenic properties. Due to this, it became possible to quickly gain weight and remove excess fluid on the course of the steroid.

Another feature of the drug is that it is dissolved in water. It has a fairly short half-life (about 48 hours) and is rapidly eliminated from the body. Therefore, many bodybuilders seek to buy Desma Winstrol Depot before the competition.

Anabolic is available in the form of injections, which minimizes its toxic effect on the liver. It practically does not cause side effects and does not transform into aromatase, due to which even female athletes can take it.

Action Desma Winstrol Depot

The Spanish manufacturer of steroids Desma has become one of the leaders in the world market due to the excellent action and the almost complete absence of side effects in the anabolic Winstrol Depot. Many bodybuilders who have tried its effect on themselves have noted a surge of strength and energy. The drug has earned a lot of positive feedback from athletes around the world.

The price of Desma Winstrol Depot is quite justified, especially considering its many positive effects and anti-catabolic properties that help reduce the occurrence of the rollback phenomenon.

The correct use of the medication in combination with a balanced diet and regular training allows athletes to achieve the following results:

  • gain a significant amount of muscle mass,
  • dry out muscle tissue
  • improve strength and endurance,
  • accelerate recovery after physical exertion,
  • give the muscles a beautiful relief and make it more elastic,
  • get rid of subcutaneous fat in problem areas,
  • increase appetite,
  • to tone the body.

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