EPF Strombaged 10mg 100 tab


  • Packing type
  • Release form 10 mg * 100 tablets
  • Active ingredient stanozolol
  • Country China


EPF Strombaged 10mg 100 tab mass gain and cutting

Strombaged is considered one of the most sought after steroids on the pharmacological market. Produced by the Chinese company EPF Pharmaceuticals, this drug has earned many accolades from professional athletes around the world. Taking the medication, you can quickly gain high-quality muscle mass, improve strength characteristics and give the muscles a beautiful relief.

The active ingredient in the drug is stanozolol, which has a high anabolic activity, many times higher than testosterone, and low androgenic effects. Thanks to these properties, the steroid begins to act almost immediately, and the period of its highest activity lasts for the first 48 hours.

You can buy EPF Strombaged 10mg 100 tab both for bodybuilders who are just starting their sports career, and for experienced bodybuilders. The drug is available in oral and injectable forms, but beginners most often prefer tablets, as they are more convenient to carry and take at any time. Strombaged has a very low chance of side effects, making it the optimal anabolic for many athletes.

Feature of EPF Strombaged 10mg 100 tab

The EPF company relatively recently brought its analogue of stanozolol to the world market, but this drug has become one of the most popular products of the manufacturer. Strombaged not only helps to quickly gain high-quality muscle tissue, but also removes excess fluid from the body. Therefore, the steroid is often used in drying courses.

Another important property of the drug is the anti-catabolic effect, which prevents the appearance of a strong rollback after the course. Considering this, the price of EPF Strombaged 10mg 100 tabs certainly does not seem too high.

When taken correctly, anabolic allows you to achieve the following effect:

  • quickly gain muscle mass,
  • improve physical performance
  • accelerate recovery after training,
  • slight fat burning effect,
  • drying of muscle tissue
  • give a beautiful relief and elasticity to the muscles,
  • increase the overall tone of the body.

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