Radjay Testosterone E 1ml

  • Packing type Ampoules
  • Release form 1 ml in a vial 250 mg / ml
  • The active ingredient is testosterone enanthate
  • Country India


Radjay Testosterone Enanthate strength and mass gain

Many athletes have long known the products of the Indian company Radjay. Among its many products, Testosterone Enanthate stands out in particular. It has gained popularity among bodybuilders due to its versatile action. Therefore, quite often it is used not only for gaining muscle mass, but also for drawing relief.

The active component of the steroid testosterone enanthate affects a good result. This male hormone ester has a fairly long half-life. Therefore, it is enough to introduce it into the body once a week during the course. Due to this, not only professional athletes, but also beginners strive to buy Radjay Testosterone Enanthate 1 ml.

The steroid has high rates of both anabolic and androgenic activity. They are responsible for a significant set of muscle mass and testosterone production. Given the ability to actively remove body fat, the drug becomes desirable for athletes. However, due to the risk of developing secondary sexual characteristics, girls should avoid its use.

Testosterone Enanthate from Rajay is an injectable AAS, so it is available in 1ml ampoules. Unlike oral steroids, there is no negative effect on the liver. However, considering all its properties, the price of Radjay Testosterone Enanthate 1 ml is reasonable. The only negative point after taking the drug is the phenomenon of rollback.But it is possible to suppress this, and other possible side effects, subject to the regimen and timely PCT.

Effectiveness of Radjay Testosterone Enanthate

A feature of the steroid is its versatility. Someone uses it for a quick mass gain, and someone creates an aesthetic relief. But not only the action of Testosterone Enananthate is limited to this. Many athletes also noted:

  • mood improvement,
  • increase in strength indicators,
  • increase in tone and endurance,
  • strengthening the cardiovascular and skeletal systems,
  • accelerating the regeneration of the body,
  • improved protein synthesis.

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