SP Labs Masteron 1ml

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SP Labs Masteron Muscle Hardness & Strength Growth

An important point in bodybuilding is considered not only to build muscle mass, but also to give it an aesthetic relief. In particular, this is necessary when preparing for competitions. However, in order to achieve the desired effect and reduce the percentage of fat to a minimum, you need to exercise regularly and stick to a diet. In addition, you can speed up the result if you buy SP Labs Masteron.

The active substance of the steroid drostanolone is propionate. It is mainly used in drying courses and, much less often, for a set of high-quality muscles. It exhibits moderate anabolic activity and high androgenic activity. The drug has a short half-life and is not prone to aromatization. Another nice point is the affordable price of SP Labs Masteron.

The drug is produced in 1 ml ampoules of 100 mg/ml. It is administered intramuscularly, relieving the liver of negative influences. Most side effects occur when instructions are not followed. At the same time, it is not recommended to use it for more than 10 weeks, and for the best effect, you can combine it with other AAS.

Benefits of SP Labs Masteron

The drug has received great demand in the circles of athletes. With it, they increased their physical characteristics, speed, endurance and agility. Weightlifters have also found it beneficial for creating an attractive relief and increasing muscle stiffness. While the cost of SP Labs Masteron is quite low, it has a multifaceted effect:

  • draws the relief of muscles,
  • makes muscles stiffer and harder
  • increases endurance and strength,
  • stimulates the burning of body fat,
  • suppresses catabolism,
  • does not retain water in tissues,
  • speeds up recovery.

If you need to buy original SP Labs Masteron, please contact our online store. We work directly with the manufacturer and provide only high-quality genuine pharmacology. Also, from our managers you can get recommendations on taking AAS and funds for subsequent PCT.


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