Spectrum Anavar

  • Packing type Vials
  • Release form 10 mg * 50 tablets
  • Active ingredient oxandrolone
  • Country China


Spectrum Anavar beautiful relief and strength

The Chinese pharmaceutical company Spectrum Pharmaceuticals is known to many athletes for the quality of its products. One of the company's most popular anabolics is Anavar. It is loved by athletes of all athletic backgrounds for its muscle sculpting properties.

Most often, anabolic can be found in the arsenal of athletes. Due to its effective increase in strength characteristics, athletes can train harder. In addition, it is not uncommon for beginners to buy Spectrum Anavar as their first AAS.

Thanks to the oxandralone in the base, it is considered harmless. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the anabolic effect is much higher than the androgenic one. Therefore, the drug is suitable for both men and women. However, those who come across it for the first time feel that the price of Spectrum Anavar is unreasonably high. But experienced athletes will not agree with this.

Anavar is produced in injections of 50 mg / 1 ml. Thanks to this form of release, its negative effect on the liver is reduced. And the lack of aromatization eliminates the need to use additional antiestrogen. But before taking it, do not forget about the need for consultation with a specialist and timely PCT.

Spectrum Anavar Potency

Despite the fact that the anabolic is more associated with novice athletes, it is also actively used by professional athletes. They take it during the rest period from potent AAS, as well as to improve muscle relief. In addition, bodybuilders noted other effects from taking the steroid:

  • increased secretion of growth hormone
  • fat deposits and excess water are more actively removed from the body,
  • the relief and elasticity of the muscles are created,
  • increases strength and endurance,
  • accelerates tissue repair between workouts,
  • the skeletal system is strengthened.

In order to buy Spectrum Anavar at an affordable price for most, just go to our online store. We guarantee the quality of our products and are responsible for the originality of production.


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