Vermodje Clenbuterol-ver

  • Packing type
  • Release form 40 mcg * 100 tablets
  • The active ingredient of clenbuterol
  • Country Moldova


Vermodje Clenbuterol-ver fat burner

The drug Clenbuterol-ver, produced by the Moldovan company Vermodje, is known in the world market of sports pharmacology as a high-quality and effective fat burner. It is in high demand among bodybuilders around the world, as it helps to quickly get rid of subcutaneous fat and gain the desired figure.

Some of the fairer sex also want to buy Vermodje Clenbuterol-ver to lose weight. But it is worth noting that the drug gives maximum results only in combination with proper nutrition and regular physical activity.

The active ingredient of the drug is clenbuterol. It suppresses the feeling of hunger and raises body temperature, contributing to the breakdown of adipose tissue into ATP, as a result of which it becomes a source of energy. Clenbuterol-ver also removes excess fluid from the body, due to which it is often used in drying courses.

The drug is available in the form of tablets. It has a number of side effects, but following the recommendations of the reception reduces the chance of their occurrence to a minimum.

Action Vermodje Clenbuterol-ver

Clenbuterol-ver, manufactured by Vermodje, has brought the manufacturer a real success in the global market. He has earned a lot of positive feedback from professional athletes and beginners.

The drug not only burns subcutaneous fat, but also removes fluid from muscle tissue, gives the muscles a beautiful relief and increases strength.Possessing a powerful anti-catabolic effect, the drug prevents the destruction of muscle tissue, so the price of Vermodje Clenbuterol-ver is absolutely justified.

The action of the drug is as follows:

  • reduction in the mass of adipose tissue,
  • removal of water from their muscle tissue,
  • an obstacle to muscle breakdown after the end of the AAS course,
  • increase in power characteristics,
  • relief and elasticity of muscles,
  • general tone of the body,
  • appetite suppression,
  • increase in body temperature.

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