Vermodje Oxaver


  • Packing type
  • Release form 10 mg * 100 tablets
  • Active ingredient oxandrolone
  • Country Moldova


Vermodje Oxaver effective drying

Sports pharmacology from Moldova is considered one of the most powerful and effective. She has gained fans all over the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Moldovan giant Vermodje is actively used by athletes of different sports experience. And his Oxaver is rightfully considered especially popular.

Anabolic has a feature that clearly distinguishes it from analog AAS. The fact is that its androgenic effect is practically absent. But at the same time, its anabolic index is quite high. Due to this, it is considered relatively safe. Therefore, it is not uncommon for novice athletes to buy Vermodje Oxaver in order to increase their strength and achieve results faster.

For its safety and many positive properties, the steroid has become popular among girls. Due to its ability to utilize the fat layer, many athletes want to get it. It is worth noting that the price of Vermodje Oxaver may seem too high. But, given the final result, the cost fully justifies it.

Taking anavar is quite convenient, since it is produced in 10 mg tablets. Therefore, in this regard, he somewhat wins injectable AAS. Despite the oral form of release, you should not be afraid of it. It is quite soft, and therefore practically safe for the body. But still, getting rid of PCT is not worth it.

Efficiency Vermodje Oxaver

Professional athletes take oxandrolone to improve the relief before the competition. And given his popularity, he copes with this perfectly well.Also, the anabolic has many effects that are valued by athletes. The most common among them:

  • drawing relief and muscle cuts,
  • increased strength, endurance and speed,
  • activation of regenerative processes and secretion of somatropin,
  • improvement of the skeletal and nervous systems,
  • fat burning stimulation
  • lack of water retention in the tissues.

In our online store you can easily buy Vermodje Oxaver at an affordable price. Thanks to us, you will receive an original product of high quality. Also, if you have any questions, our specialists will always be ready to help you.


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