Vermodje Stanover 1ml

  • Packing type Ampoules
  • Release form 1 ml in ampoules 50mg/ml
  • Active ingredient stanozolol
  • Country Moldova


Vermodje Stanover 1ml muscle and strength gain

The Moldovan pharmaceutical manufacturer Vermodje recently launched a new drug, Stanover, on the world market, but this drug quickly became popular. The steroid is in especially high demand among bodybuilders from Eastern Europe. The drug helps athletes build high-quality muscle tissue, remove excess fluid from the body and increase strength. In addition, many note the fat-burning effect of taking the drug.

The action of the steroid is based on the high anabolic activity of stanozolol. At the same time, it is characterized by a low androgenic effect on the body, which is the reason for the absence of such side effects as acne and gynecomastia. In this regard, women can also buy Vermodje Stanover 1ml for admission on the course.

Anabolic is available in injectable form in 1 ml ampoules. This is very convenient, since the athlete does not need to independently calculate the dosage for one injection.

The drug is relatively safe. When taken correctly, no side effects were recorded.

Efficiency Vermodje Stanover 1ml

Pharmaceutical company Vermodje from Moldova is considered one of the leaders in the market of sports pharmacology, but Stanover anabolic brought her a stunning success. All those who have already experienced the effect of the remedy on themselves left positive feedback about it, noting the high efficiency and safety of the drug.

In addition to the main effects, the steroid also allows you to get rid of subcutaneous fat, tones the body and speeds up recovery after physical exertion.

The anti-catabolic properties of the drug help to minimize the manifestation of rollback after the course, which is very important for bodybuilders. Therefore, the price of Vermodje Stanover 1ml is fully justified.

After a course of this steroid, you will see the following results:

  • a significant increase in muscle tissue,
  • removal of excess fluid from the body,
  • increase in strength indicators,
  • body toning,
  • reduction in the amount of subcutaneous fat,
  • acceleration of recovery after training,
  • relief and rigidity of muscles.

In our online store you can buy Vermodje Stanover 1ml at an affordable price. If you need help in calculating the dosage, then our consultants are always ready to help you.


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