Vermodje Testover P 10ml


  • Packing type Vials
  • Release form 10 ml in a vial 100 mg / ml
  • The active ingredient is testosterone propionate
  • Country Moldova


Vermodje Testover Propionate 10ml ether for strength and mass

Testover Propionate is considered one of the most sought after testosterone esters, especially from Vermodje. It is used not only by beginners in heavy sports, but also by experienced bodybuilders, since the medication can significantly increase strength characteristics and endurance.

However, not everyone is ready to buy Vermodje Testover Propionate 10ml due to the insignificant weight gain. This effect is explained by the fact that the drug does not retain water in muscle tissue, due to which mass is often gained. As a result of taking propionate, the athlete builds up a small amount of high-quality muscle tissue, which will not decrease after the end of the course.

Since propionate is an ester of the male hormone testosterone, it has pronounced androgenic properties. Therefore, it is not recommended for athletes to take this drug. This can lead to undesirable effects: acne, virilization, disruption of the reproductive system.

Testover Propionate is available in 10 ml bottles. The steroid is intended for intramuscular injection. It quickly begins to act, but is also quickly excreted from the body, and therefore it must be taken more often than oil esters.

Testover Propionate Efficiency by Vermodje

Many athletes from all over the world who have already experienced the effect of Testover Propionate from the Moldovan company Vermodje note a significant increase in strength and endurance, the appearance of a beautiful relief, as well as the safety of the drug itself.

After giving up the steroid, the phenomenon of rollback is practically not observed, which is explained by the powerful anti-catabolic properties of the drug. Given this, the price of Vermodje Testover Propionate 10ml is considered quite adequate.

Since the ether is subject to aromatization, it is desirable to take antiestrogens in parallel with it, and after the end of the course, you need to undergo PCT.

The effect of taking a propionate tester comes down to:

  • slight increase in lean muscle tissue,
  • increase strength and endurance,
  • accelerated muscle recovery after training,
  • easy burning of subcutaneous fat,
  • increase the elasticity and relief of the muscles,
  • increased libido.

You can buy Vermodje Testover Propionate 10ml at an affordable price in our online store. We offer our clients only high-quality products of original production.


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