Zhengzhou Metenolone Enanthate 1ml


  • Packing type Ampoules
  • Release form 1 ml in ampoules 100mg/ml
  • The active ingredient is metenolone enanthate
  • Country China
  • Activity 14-16 days
  • Classification Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids
  • Dosages Men 200-400 mg/week……Women 50-100 mg/week
  • Acne Yes, at high doses or individual sensitivity
  • Water retention Weak
  • High blood pressure Rare
  • Flavoring No
  • Hepatotoxicity Weak
  • DHT conversion No
  • Suppression of HPTA function Moderate


Zhengzhou Metenolone Enanthate Drying Injection

The Chinese firm Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical is considered one of the largest manufacturers of AAS. Bodybuilders of all athletic backgrounds love using her products. Its Metenolone Enanthate is considered especially popular.

The steroid is known for its multifaceted action. Some athletes use it to create relief. Others, with a slight change in course, get a set of high-quality muscles. With all this, the anabolic is perfect for both experienced athletes and beginners. Given this, it is not surprising that many people want to buy Zhengzhou Metenolone Enanthate.

For all the properties of AAS, its active ingredient Primobolan is responsible. It is he who helps bodybuilders to avoid the phenomenon of rollback, due to the lack of aromatization. For this ability, he is especially appreciated by professional athletes. In addition, the drug is so mild that girls can take it without fear. Moreover, the price of Zhengzhou Metenolone Enanthate is within reason.

In addition to all of the above, the steroid is also popular due to its almost non-existent side effects.It is produced in ampoules of 1 ml, which makes it comfortable in the calculation of servings. And thanks to the injectable form, it is completely safe for the liver. However, dosages should not be neglected, and it is also necessary to undergo a PCT after the end of the intake.

Effectiveness of Zhengzhou Metenolone Enanthate

Basically, AAS is used during the drying period. When used correctly, the result will not be long in coming. In addition, it contributes to a slight set of high-quality muscles, which will remain even after stopping the intake. But not only this is limited to its action. Among its properties, athletes also noted:

  • drawing the relief of muscles,
  • small increase in dry weight,
  • removal of fat deposits,
  • weight saving,
  • removal of fluid from tissues.

In our online store, you can not only buy Zhengzhou Metenolone Enanthate, but also get qualified assistance. Our specialists will always be happy to help you choose the dosage and additional AAS. We have a wide range of high quality anabolics of the original production.


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