Balkan Anastrozol 100 tab (Balkan Anastrozol)


  • Packing type
  • Active ingredient anastrozole
  • Country Moldova


Balkan Anastrozol (Balkan Anastrozole) an effective aromatase inhibitor

The use of steroids in bodybuilding does not always go unnoticed. Quite often, after taking them, various side effects appear. Most of them, to one degree or another, are associated with the aromatization of AAS. In order to suppress it, athletes combine steroids with various antiestrogens. Among which, Balkan Anastrozol is rightfully considered one of the best.

At the heart of the drug is the substance of the same name anastrozole. It is a fairly strong aromatase inhibitor. It has gained active use in bodybuilding due to its many advantages. It is best to buy Balkan Anastrozol before the course, so that later you can take it in parallel with anabolics.

The drug is available in packs of 25 and 100 tablets. Thanks to this form of release, it can be taken at any time convenient for you. In addition, when used correctly, it does not adversely affect the body. For its price, Balkan Anastrozol copes with estrogenic effects and suppression of aromatization without any problems.

Properties Balkan Anastrozol

Anastrozole is considered one of the strongest aromatase inhibitors. Most bodybuilders give their preference to him. In addition, the drug has many positive properties, including the pleasant price of Balkan Anastrozol, as well as:

  • drawing muscle relief,
  • gynecomastia prevention,
  • acceleration of recovery processes,
  • suppression of estrogenic manifestations,
  • increase in testosterone levels.

You can buy Balkan Anastrozol (Balkan Anastrozol) in our online store. We provide a wide range of high quality original AAS. And our specialists will always help you to understand the variety of drugs. Moreover, they will advise you on all issues of interest and select what you need.


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