Balkan Esculap 20 mg (Esculap) | Tadalafil 100 tab


  • Packing type
  • Release form 20 mg * 20 tablets
  • Country Moldova


Balkan Esculap (5, 20, 100 tabs) potency and pumping

Being engaged in bodybuilding, athletes often face unpleasant consequences from taking steroids. One of their most frequent manifestations are problems with the reproductive system in men. To cope with them, various drugs to increase potency can help. In particular, Balkan Esculap does an excellent job with this role.

Aesculap is based on the pharmacological drug Tadalafil. It begins to act in the first 2 hours and continues to work for 17 hours. In some cases, its duration may be longer. It is noteworthy that without sexual arousal, the drug does not affect erection in any way. Considering all this, the price of Balkan Esculap will not leave anyone indifferent.

The drug is produced in tablets of 20 mg (5, 20, 100 tablets). You can take it at any time of the day, but not more than one tablet per day. Despite the oral form of release, there are practically no side effects from it. In its action, it is similar to Viagra, but it works longer and, oddly enough, the price of Balkan Esculap is more favorable. Also, Tadalafil does not affect sperm motility.

Properties Balkan Esculap

Contrary to the intended purpose of the drug, he also found active use in sports. In combination with other AAS, it has a positive effect on muscle tissue. By improving blood circulation, it allows you to accelerate the growth of muscle tissue. In addition, it is worth buying Balkan Esculap for the sake of its properties:

  • increased testosterone levels,
  • potency improves.
  • growing libido,
  • blood circulation is accelerated,
  • muscle tissue grows faster,
  • erection increases.

In our online store of sports pharmacology you can find everything to make your sports activities comfortable. Also, you can buy the highest quality Balkan Esculap from us at an affordable price. In addition, our specialists will be able to help you with any questions of interest and select the necessary drugs.


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