EPF Anavarged 10mg


  • Packing type
  • Release form 10 mg * 100 tablets
  • Active ingredient oxandrolone
  • Country China


EPF Anavarged muscle definition and stiffness

Sports pharmacology made in Moldova is actively used all over the world. Athletes especially noted the action of Anavarged from the Moldovan company EPF Pharmaceuticals. This drug perfectly copes with the task of creating a relief and compacting the muscles.

Based on the anabolic oxandrolone. It has a low androgenic index, but at the same time a rather high anabolic index. Due to this, the steroid is considered relatively safe and suitable even for girls. Therefore, taking into account also the ability to remove the fat layer, many athletes tend to buy EPF Anavarged 10mg.

At the same time, AAS is also popular among athletes. Thanks to Anavar, they increase stamina and speed. It is not uncommon for novice bodybuilders to want to use it at the beginning of their sporting achievements. But after seeing its value, they think that EPF Anavarged 10mg is overpriced. However, professional athletes who have known him for more than a year do not agree with them.

Anabolic is available in 10 mg tablets, so you can take it at any time convenient for you. Despite the fact that Anavarged is an oral steroid, its effect on the liver is minimized. However, this does not exempt from undergoing a PCT.

Action EPF Anavarged

Most athletes appreciate this steroid for its low tendency to aromatize. But the list of its advantages is not limited to this. Athletes who are familiar with its action noted a number of positive properties after taking it:

  • excess fluid is removed from the body,
  • effective fat burning
  • increased muscle stiffness
  • increase strength, speed and endurance,
  • accelerates protein synthesis and tissue repair,
  • the skeletal and nervous systems are strengthened.

Given all that has been said, the price of a steroid no longer seems so exorbitant. Moreover, in our online store you will be helped to buy EPF Anavarged 10mg. Also, you can choose other original high quality AAS.


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