EPF Testoged E 10ml


  • Packing type Vials
  • Release form 10 ml in a vial 250 mg / ml
  • The active ingredient is testosterone enanthate
  • Country China


EPF Testoged Enanthate effective mass gain injections

The Moldovan pharmaceutical company Euro Prime Farmaceuticals occupies a leading position in the sports pharmaceutical market. One of her most popular drugs is EPF Testoged Enanthate. He fell in love with many athletes for many of its properties.

Due to the basis of testosterone enanthate, a powerful male hormone ester, you can both build muscle mass and, on the contrary, dry out. The desired result depends on the correct intake, combination with other AAS, as well as on the body of the athlete himself. However, the price of EPF Testoged Enanthate 10ml is acceptable for most athletes.

The drug has a high anabolic index, which affects a significant weight gain. However, the androgenic level of the steroid is also 100%. Together with the effective burning of excess fat, there is a great risk of developing masculinity. Therefore, it is not advisable for girls to take it.

Regardless of sports experience, many people want to buy EPF Testoged Enanthate 10ml after learning about its versatility. The steroid is produced in 10ml / 250mg vials for intramuscular injections. Due to the long half-life, one injection per week is sufficient. So the negative impact on the liver is minimal.

The only downside is the rollback phenomenon. But it and other side effects can be easily suppressed. It is enough to maintain proper nutrition, exercise regularity and observe dosages.Due to the high aromatization, the steroid must be taken together with aromatase inhibitors.

Action EPF Testoged Enanthate

Quite often, athletes, taking Testoged Enanthate, noted an influx of tone. Due to this, athletes could train more and harder. Other positive features include:

  • significant muscle mass
  • increase in tone and endurance,
  • strength increase,
  • fast regeneration between workouts,
  • active utilization of fatty deposits,
  • strengthening the bone and cardiovascular systems.

To buy EPF Testoged Enanthate 10 ml, you can contact our online store. We have qualified specialists who will always help you make the right choice and answer any questions. We provide the highest quality original sports pharma.


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