EPF Testoged P 10ml (Testosterone Propionate)


  • Packing type Vials
  • Release form 10 ml in a vial 100 mg / ml
  • The active ingredient is testosterone propionate
  • Country China


EPF Testoged P 10ml effective anabolic for mass and strength

Testoged P is in high demand among athletes around the world. It is produced by the Chinese company Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals, which is one of the leaders in the global sports pharmacology market. This steroid allows bodybuilders, powerlifters, weightlifters and other representatives of heavy sports to quickly increase strength characteristics and gain lean muscles.

The active ingredient in Testoged P is testosterone propionate. This is one of the oil-based male hormone esters, which is distinguished by its fast action and relative safety compared to other esters.

Propionate practically does not show androgenic activity, which avoids most of the unwanted side effects. However, girls should refrain from buying EPF Testoged P 10ml, as an excessive concentration of testosterone in their body can lead to virilization.

Testoged P is available in 10 ml vials and is administered intramuscularly, which makes it possible to avoid its toxic effect on the liver.

Action Testoged P

The Chinese manufacturer EPF launched Testoged P on the world market, which quickly became popular among bodybuilders from all over the world. Affordable price for EPF Testoged P 10ml, high efficiency and relative safety have made it one of the most popular steroids.

Another advantage of this drug is the almost complete absence of rollback after the course.This is due to the anti-catabolic properties of the ether, which prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue.

Taking the steroid Testoged P is accompanied by the following effects:

  • set of lean muscle mass,
  • increased strength and endurance,
  • burning fat cells
  • accelerated recovery after exercise,
  • relief and stiffness of muscles,
  • the appearance of venous
  • increased libido.

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