Jintropin (Jintropin) 10 IU


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Jintropin for mass and fast recovery

To increase the effect of training and achieve their goals faster, bodybuilders often resort to using various sports pharmaceuticals. Particularly valued are drugs that allow you to build muscle mass and do not cause serious side effects. That is why many seek to buy Jintropin.

This drug is a synthetic growth hormone. It is completely identical to the somatotropin produced by the human pituitary gland, and therefore is well absorbed by the body. In fitness, Jintropin is taken for an anabolic effect, but it also triggers fat burning processes and improves metabolism. It is noteworthy that with proven effectiveness, the cost of Jintropin remains quite low.

This drug is available in 10 IU powder vials and contains ampoules with a solvent for the preparation of a solution. Jintropin is administered subcutaneously. When used correctly, growth hormone does not cause side effects and does not interfere with the natural production of somatotropin.

Properties of Jintropin

This drug has received many positive reviews from athletes who have experienced its effect on themselves. Once in the body, Jintropin accelerates metabolic processes, which leads to an improvement in overall metabolism and, in combination with training and a balanced diet, shows phenomenal results. At the same time, the price of Jintropin is fully justified by its positive properties:

  • significant increase in dry weight,
  • activation of lipolysis (fat breakdown),
  • development of strength and endurance,
  • strengthening bones and joints,
  • healing effect.

You can buy Jintropin as simply as possible in our online store. Also here you will find a large assortment of anabolics, preparations for drying and PCT. We cooperate directly with manufacturers and can guarantee the original quality of our products.


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