Sandoz Omnitrope


  • Packing type Cartridge
  • Release form 1.5 ml – 10 mg (30 IU)
  • Active component of somatropin
  • Country Austria
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Sandoz Omnitrope Mass Gain Hormone

The natural resources of the body are limited, and therefore, even with grueling workouts, athletes do not always manage to gain muscle mass without taking sports pharmaceuticals. Many grow up on steroid cycles, but there is a more gentle alternative to growth hormone for the body. In fact, today more and more bodybuilders are looking to buy Sandoz Omnitrope.

The active substance of the drug is somatropin. In fact, it is a synthetic analogue of natural growth hormone, which is produced in the human body by the pituitary gland. With a non-steroidal basis, Omnitrop has a pronounced anabolic effect, and also positively affects the functioning of many systems and organs. At the same time, the price of Sandoz Omnitrope is quite affordable for most bodybuilders.

The drug is available as a solution in 1.5 ml cartridges (30 IU) and is intended for subcutaneous administration. With a course lasting up to 6 weeks and the correct dosage calculation, growth hormone does not cause side effects and does not suppress the natural production of somatropin.

How does Sandoz Omnitrope work?

Omnitrope from the Austrian company Sandoz has received high praise among bodybuilders who have experienced its effect on themselves. The cost of Sandoz Omnitrope is fully justified by its anabolic and restorative effect on the athlete's body. On the Omnitrop course, you can achieve the following results:

  • build a significant amount of muscle mass without fluid retention,
  • activate lipolytic processes (fat breakdown),
  • speed up metabolism,
  • strengthen the cardiovascular system,
  • improve hematopoiesis,
  • strengthen bones and joints,
  • accelerate regeneration after exercise,
  • increase strength potential
  • speed up wound healing.

You can buy Sandoz Omnitrope with a quality guarantee in our online store. We also have steroids for mass-gaining courses, fat burners, drying drugs and PCT. Our consultants are always happy to answer your questions and help you choose the right sports farm.


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