SP Labs Sustanon 10 ml


  • Packing type Vials
  • Release form 10 ml in a vial 250 mg / ml
  • Active ingredient sustanon
  • Country Moldova


SP Labs Sustanon long-term mass injections

The Moldovan company SP Laboratories has gained considerable prestige in sports circles. Working closely with Balkan, it releases high quality AAS. Many bodybuilders speak positively about its products and actively use it in their courses. However, one of the most popular was SP Labs Sustanon.

The attention of athletes was most attracted to the base of the steroid mix of testosterone esters. Due to the use of several substances, the anabolic gets a longer action with a quick result. It is this feature that makes the cost of SP Labs Sustanon so impressive. However, do not be afraid of her, she is fully justified by the action of AAS.

Anabolic is produced by the company in 10 ml vials. It is enough to do injections every 3-4 days. Considering this, the price of SP Labs Sustanon is quite reasonable. Due to intramuscular injection, the toxic effect of AAS on the liver is minimized. However, the steroid has a tendency to aromatize. So, it would be appropriate to combine it with aromatase inhibitors. Also, when used correctly, there will be no problems with other side effects.

Properties of SP Labs Sustanon

In many ways, the drug gained popularity precisely because of its structure. The mix of testosterones makes the steroid desirable for many athletes. Nevertheless, it is worth buying SP Labs Sustanon for its properties:

  • muscle growth,
  • increase in endurance and strength,
  • improved appetite,
  • increase in tone and libido,
  • improving the quality of blood.

You can buy SP Labs Sustanon in an affordable price range in our online store. We present high-quality sports pharmacology from the manufacturer. Also, our experts have the necessary experience to help you with any question. In addition, it will not be difficult for them to calculate the correct dosage of AAS and the regimen for you.


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