SP Labs Trenbolone 75 10 ml


  • Packing type Vials
  • Release form 10 ml in a vial 75 mg / ml
  • Active ingredient trenbolone acetate
  • Country Moldova


SP Labs Trenbolone 75 Dry Mass Injections

Moldovan manufacturers of sports pharmacology are considered among the best. Including SP Laboratories. Bodybuilders with any bodybuilding experience willingly use its products. In particular, to build high-quality muscles, they most often seek to buy SP Labs Trenbolone 75.

The basis of the anabolic was trenbolone acetate. This substance has a short half-life and begins to act almost instantly. Often athletes use it in courses aimed at the growth of dry muscles. Although sometimes it is also taken at the end of the cycle. With this intake of a steroid, the quality of the already gained mass increases. Given these properties, the price of SP Labs Trenbolone 75 is within reasonable limits.

Anabolic is produced in 10ml/75mg vials. With this form of release, AAS are harmless to the kidneys and liver. In addition, side effects from Trenbolone are quite rare. However, it is better not to neglect dosages and strictly follow the course. This is the only way to achieve the maximum result from the drug.

Action SP Labs Trenbolone 75

The steroid is considered one of the most powerful, so more often it can be found in the arsenal of more experienced athletes. Moreover, they are not afraid of the high price of SP Labs Trenbolone 75, since its actions completely justify it:

  • significant growth of quality muscles,
  • increased strength, endurance and speed,
  • fat burning activation
  • lowering cortisol levels
  • acceleration of metabolism,
  • increased appetite.

Our online sports pharmacology store is the perfect place to buy top quality SP Labs Trenbolone 75. We provide our customers with AAS of original production at affordable prices. In addition, here you can get qualified assistance from our specialists. They will easily select the necessary drugs for you and help with the preparation of the course.


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