Spectrum Testesterone Enanthate 250mg 10 ml


  • Packing type Vials
  • Release form 10 ml in a vial 250 mg / ml
  • The active ingredient is testosterone enanthate
  • Country China


Spectrum Testesterone Enanthate ether for mass and strength

Testesterone Enanthate has proven itself among bodybuilders who focus on strength training and muscle gain. Produced by the Chinese pharmaceutical company Spectrum Pharmaceutical, it is in great demand among experienced bodybuilders and beginners in heavy sports.

The active ingredient of the drug is testosterone enanthate, dissolved in an oily base. It is considered the most popular male hormone ester, as it has high anabolic and androgenic properties, allowing you to gain a significant amount of muscle tissue on the course. Since weight gain is due to the accumulation of water and sodium in the muscles, after the end of the steroid intake, there is a slight rollback.

You can buy Spectrum Testesterone Enanthate 250mg 10ml in vials. It is intended for intramuscular injection, which reduces the toxic effect of the steroid on the liver. Enanthate belongs to the long-acting esters, and therefore remains active in the body for 2-3 weeks.

Spectrum testosterone enanthate feature

Testesterone Enanthate from Spectrum is very popular among athletes around the world. It is used in order to gain a significant amount of muscle mass and increase strength characteristics.

It is worth noting that women are not recommended to take the drug, as this can lead to the development of secondary sexual characteristics.The ether aromatizes, so on the course in parallel with it you need to take antiestrogens.

For men, enanthate has a contraceptive effect, which disappears after the end of the drug.

You can buy Spectrum Testesterone Enanthate 250mg 10ml to achieve the following effect:

  • significant muscle gain
  • increase in strength and endurance,
  • active regeneration of the body,
  • blood oxygenation,
  • joint strengthening,
  • stimulation of the synthesis of growth hormone,
  • increased libido.

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