Vermodje Testover E 1ml


  • Packing type Ampoules
  • Release form 1 ml in ampoules 200mg/ml
  • The active ingredient is testosterone enanthate
  • Country Moldova
  • Expiration date 05.2016


The drug is expired

Vermodje Testover Enanthate effective mass injections

The Moldovan pharmaceutical company Vermodje is known to many for the high quality of its products. A special place among it is occupied by the favorite of weightlifters Testover Enanthate. It is warmly received by athletes for its ability to build muscle mass in a short time.

The steroid is based on the ester of the male hormone testosterone enanthate. Its main feature is the duration of action. With an oily base, it can actively release testosterone for a week. Therefore, to maintain the required hormonal level, it is enough to do one injection weekly. Despite this, the price of Vermodje Testover Enanthate is quite pleasant for most athletes.

The effectiveness of the drug is due to its high anabolic index. It is he who affects the retention of sodium and fluid, due to which muscle mass increases. However, this raises the problem of rollback after the end of the reception. However, androgenic levels are also high. Therefore, female representatives should avoid taking it, so as not to provoke coarsening of the voice and other manifestations of masculinization.

It is most convenient to buy Vermodje Testover Enanthate in 1ml ampoules. Getting immediately into the muscle tissue, the steroid begins to act actively, increasing the release of testosterone throughout the course. In addition, due to the injectable form of release, it is practically safe for the liver. However, other side effects are rare, especially under the supervision of specialists.The downside of the drug is its high tendency to aromatize, which is why it has to be combined with antiestrogen.

Effectiveness of Vermodje Testover Enanthate

Many athletes who have tried this AAS noted its high efficiency. It is especially valued by powerlifters for its ability to increase strength, which allows them to train more. But other athletes have something to love Testover Enanthate for:

  • a significant increase in muscle mass,
  • increase in endurance, strength and speed,
  • creation of muscle volume,
  • strengthens the skeletal system and fights joint pain,
  • tones and improves mood,
  • stimulates the acceleration of body regeneration,
  • helps to increase libido.

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